Sunday, December 19, 2010


There’s something inside all of us that aches for more.
Sometimes we conceal it with a standard case of contentment.
But try as we might, we can never fully ignore the pangs of longing.
Why are there scientists? Doctors?  Astronauts?  Engineers?
Because we can’t escape the desire to learn more.  Help more.  Explore more.  Build more.
Christians say that it’s from God.  A way of reaching out to something greater than ourselves.
Evolutionists say that’s hogwash.  But even they can prove that that which has evolved, did so because it was ready for more.  Evolution is based on things growing MORE.  Nowhere in evolution did a man go back to being ape, who then decided that sludge was more fun than having four legs.
We all want more.
More property.  More money.  More friends.  More social status.
More wisdom.  More patience.  More strength.  More love.
More affection.  More happiness.  More contentment.
More. More. More.
It’s starting to sound like a non-word now, isn’t it?
Maybe it is.  Maybe “more” isn’t something you can have or attain, but a state of being.
I know that Mr. Webster would disagree.  But then we all disagree on pretty much everything now-a-days, so why not give a smart dead guy something to roll over in his grave about?
The thing with more is…there’s no end to it.
We drink because we’re thirsty.  But we always get more thirsty.  Why? Because our bodies need water to function.  We always need more.
We eat because we’re hungry.  But no one meal can “satisfy” us.  Why?  Our bodies need sustenance. Over and over again.  Always needing more.
We explore outer space, discover planets, send satellites to take pictures.  But that’s not enough.  Now we must learn if there’s other life forms out there.  We long to know if there’s more out there than we know already.
We accept Jesus into our hearts, but that’s not enough.  We seek more.  We seek His face, His heart, His arms.  We spend hours on our faces begging God for more.  Show us more.  Give us more.  Send us more.  Christians see this as a holy pursuit.
We’re never satisfied.  Not truly satisfied anyway.  Nowhere in the definition of the word does it show permanent completion or resolution.
Our bodies know when we’ve had enough food and water to meet the need of our life-giving organs, and this proves that there are times when our desire for more is temporarily satiated.  But without fail, at some point, our need for more returns.  If we don’t fulfill those needs, we die.
If “more” is an instinctual thing, inbred in all of us…than what are its parameters?
Is more of one thing worse or better than more of another?
Are they’re some “mores” that shouldn’t be attained?
Do we allow ourselves to get sidetracked by less significant “mores” when we should be pursuing only one?
Who draws that line?
Is there even a line to be drawn?
I don’t know, and I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to say that I do.  These are just the curious ramblings of a woman who wants more herself.
Which opens up a whole new can of worms.
Is “more” a want or need?
Is there a difference between the two?
While some physical “mores” are important to our survival, are there some emotional or spiritual “mores” that are more important than those?
Ah.  It is the desire for more knowledge and understanding that drives me to ask these questions in the first place.
What is my point with all this? 
I have no idea.  It’s just a stray thought that seemed worthy of following.
Perhaps it will bring a little “more” thought and reflection into your day.
And as I’ve tried to point out…
Who can say that “more” is a bad thing?

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