Friday, September 3, 2010


I was worried about wearing sneakers to a place like this.
I looked around and noticed that I wasn’t under-dressed after all.
The music is loud. The lights are bright. The fog machines make me cough.
I see the lyrics up on the screen, but I don’t really understand them.
I see someone next to me raise a hand and sway to the beat.
What did these people know about this place that I didn’t?
I’m not sure why I feel so out of place.
I’ve seen some of these people before.
There’s the guy who won a game of beer pong last weekend.
I didn’t know that he played guitar, or that he performed on stage.
I wonder if the other band members share this guy’s talent for stringing expletives together.
Wait…they’re talking about money now. Dang.  Nobody told me there’d be a cover charge.
I hope that the five dollar bill I put in the bucket is enough.
I didn’t hear anything about a price for this event anyway.
The screen comes to life with a recording…some kind of commercial now? 
I don’t get it.
I wish someone would just explain this to me.
There’s another guy on stage now…he’s all alone.
I think he’s some kind of motivational speaker.
I’ve seen guys like him before.
So excited about their successful lives that they talk just to impress the world.
I don’t know why he’s talking about death though.
I’m not feeling too motivated all the sudden.
But everyone around me is smiling…heck that woman is even crying!
I’m beginning to think I don’t fit in after all.
I tune out the speaker and let my eyes wander.
That guy has his hand up his girlfriend’s skirt.
I guess nobody is exempt from lust.
I hadn’t expected to see it here though.
People are standing up now, and they’re all looking at the floor.
I don’t wanna stick out like a sore thumb, so I do too.
I miss the cue to leave, and people are jostling out of their seats beside me.
Nobody even looks at me.
I follow the masses out into the sunlight.
I can now say that I’ve done it.
I’ve gone to church.

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